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Our Volunteers

Thank you to all our volunteers!

Hospitality and ushers : Louise Lecompte and France Leblanc, Saint-Sauveur; Marie-Hélène Hébert, Saint-Colomban; Diane Roy and Michèle Dumontier, Saint-Hippolyte; Michelle Langevin, Louise-Hélène Le Beau and Sandrine Guillaume, Sainte-Adèle; Christiane Denis, Prévost

Hall set-up and knock-down : Christiane Denis, Jean-Pierre Côté, Brian Parsons, Raoul Cyr, Andrée Rompré, George Carveris, Aviram Thomas Müller and Lorraine Gardiol, Prévost; Normand and Ghislaine Tassé, Cécile and Serge Pilon, Saint-Jérôme; Michelle Langevin, Louise-Hélène Le Beau, Sainte-Adèle; Marie-Hélène Hébert, Saint-Colomban; Gilles Longval, Morin-Heights; Martin Lévesque, Piedmont

Decorations : Michelle Langevin, Sainte-Adèle; Brian Parsons, Christiane Denis, Jean-Pierre Côté, Prévost

Tickets : Cécile Pilon, Saint-Jérôme; Marie-Hélène Hébert, Saint-Colomban; Sandrine Guillaume, Sainte-Adèle; Diane Roy, Saint-Hippolyte  

Sound and lighting : Amadeus Son-Lumière, Saint-Jérôme

Snack bar : Louise-Hélène Le Beau, Michelle Langevin, Sainte-Adèle; Christiane Denis, Lorraine Gardiol, Prévost

Advertising representative : Lise Pinard, Prévost

Proofreading : André Deshaies, Sylvie Prévost, Saint-Jérôme

Press releases for the Journal des Citoyens : Yvan Gladu, Prévost

Press releases, newsletter : Bernard Ouellette, Saint-Jérôme

Management, subscriptions, communications and public relations : Bernard Ouellette

Administration : Yvan Gladu

Poster hangers : Raymond Giroux and Claudette Demers, Saint-Hippolyte; Yvan Gladu

Poster and program graphic design : Bernard Ouellette

Promotional materials : Bernard Ouellette, Yvan Gladu

Ticket design : Louise Leclerc, Saint-Jérôme

Journalists: Sylvie Prévost, Saint-Jérôme

Photographer : Serge Pilon, Saint-Jérôme

Translation and text adaptation : Sheila Eskenazi and Joseph Graham, Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides

Sales of related products in the lobby : Michèle Dumontier and Diane Roy, Saint-Hippolyte

Facebook page : Francine Allain, Prévost; Josée Gladu, Laval

Hosts : Raoul Cyr and Yvan Gladu, Prévost

Call for volunteers

Join our team of dynamic volunteers to help us prepare for these concerts. Over the years, Diffusions Amal'Gamme has forged its reputation for excellence thanks to the continuing involvement of volunteers.

Volunteers needed

For the set-up and knock-down of the hall on the days of each event, that is, Saturday mornings and after the concerts, as well as several Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

At the hall, during events: hospitality, snack bar and others

For more information, contact the executive director, Bernard Ouellette, at 450-335-3037 or


Have you been to one of our concerts or events?

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